Bruce Giudici

"Transparency is the politics of managing mistrust."

Candidate Bruce Giudici

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When candidates explain why they are running for office, they often say it’s because of the “critical choices” facing the voters. This year, in Calaveras County, this is not just a cliché. This County is truly at a crossroads, and in more ways than one.

* It is easy to see that, in Calaveras County, citizens have not been well served by their elected leaders on the issue of commercial marijuana. Going forward, whatever the voters decide, we will need Supervisors who prioritize public safety and commit to making the budget choices that will result in our County being safer and more prosperous.

* The General Plan update is a critical process that will guide growth in Calaveras County for decades to come. However, constant senior staff resignations clearly indicate a pattern of ineffective and uncertain leadership that has wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars and delayed the process. We need leaders who embrace a dynamic and sustainable vision of our common future.

I’m running for Supervisor because District Five needs positive, effective leadership with roots in the community, fiscal integrity, and budgetary experience. My priorities are public safety, strong fiscal oversight and budget transparency, emphasizing sensible growth and land use policies.

I’ve been a fiscal director for many non-profits over the past 23 years, have served on non-profit Boards in all executive positions and have worked in the community in various volunteer capacities. My entire career has been in public service, ensuring that public and privately donated funds are spent correctly.

Going forward, we face critical needs in public safety and a need to properly manage existing and new revenue sources. At this time, my unique skills will be urgently  needed at the Supervisor level. As you get to know me, I am sure you will agree.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Ivan Krastev

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  • Public safety
  • Fiscal integrity & transparency
  • Sensible planning & growth policies